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At Crimson Wheel Repair we can take care of all of your wheel refinishing needs from minor repair to full restoration. We are capable of repairing bends, cracks, curb rash as well as cnc wheels (also know as machined). Crimson Wheel Repair will repair almost any wheel no matter what shape, size or manufacturer. We guarantee your satisfaction offering the utmost quality and a quick 24hr – 48hr turnaround.

Our Services

Rim Straightening

Aluminum Alloy wheels tend to bend after impacting a large enough pothole or the like. The symptoms of a bent rim are: vibration in the steering wheel, vibration elsewhere in the car when it’s moving, or loss of air pressure in the specific bent wheel.
At Crimson Wheel Repair, we can straighten Aluminum wheels from as small as 15 inches all the way up to 24 inches. We ensure that your wheel will be straightened to a tolerance that is within the manufacturers’ specifications to keep you driving problem free.

CNC Machining

We have the latest CNC wheel lathe that can restore your damaged Machined wheel to a showroom like condition.

Wheel Stripping & Blasting

There are times when you need to start with a clean slate. That applies to Aluminum wheels also.

Wheels from the factory have multiple layers and there are instances when they have more than the requisite amount of layers. This shows particularly when the wheel is damaged and conventional methods of repairing your wheel just will not work.
We will strip your wheel to bare aluminum alloy and then proceed to built it up to the color and/or finish of your choice.
We not only blast wheels but can strip whatever metal product you have that may require such a service. Please feel free to call to find out whether we can accommodate your request.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating is the most durable finish you can have next to coming from the manufacturer. At Crimson, we do all our powder coating in-house. WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE ANY OF OUR SERVICES.
Powder Coating comes in a variety of colors and finishes. Please call to find out if we offer a particular color or finish that you’re interested in.

High Speed Balancing

We have the latest and greatest wheel balancer out on the market. After we straighten your wheel, we will then to proceed to balance your wheel to provide you with the smoothest ride possible.
Whether we’re balancing your wheel for one of our other services or you need your wheel treated with the utmost respect, you can trust Crimson to balance it correctly.

Cosmetic Repair & Reconditioning

We can repair any painted or machined wheel that you have that is in cosmetic need of repair. Whether it’s curbed, gouged, discolored, aged, or even missing a small section, it’s not a problem for us. We have several years of experience in handling all your wheel reconditioning needs.


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