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  • Rim Straightening

    Rim Straightening

    Aluminum Alloy wheels tend to bend after impacting a large enough pothole or the like.

  • CNC Machining

    CNC Machining

    We have the latest CNC wheel lathe that can restore your damaged Machined wheel to a showroom like condition.

  • Wheel Stripping & Blasting

    Wheel Stripping & Blasting

    There are times when you need to start with a clean slate. That applies to Aluminum wheels also...

  • Powder Coating

    Powder Coating

    Powder Coating is the most durable finish you can have next to coming from the manufacturer. At Crimson, we do all our powder coating in-house.

  • High Speed Balancing

    High Speed Balancing

    We have the latest and greatest wheel balancer out on the market to provide you with the smoothest ride possible.

  • Cosmetic Repair & Reconditioning

    Cosmetic Repair & Reconditioning

    We can repair any painted or machined wheel that you have that is in cosmetic need of repair.

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I am extremely happy I went here to fix my rim! I had extreme curb rash all over my wheel. The price was fair and the work was beyond my expectation The rim looks like it's brand new. While I was waiting, they put my spare on and I was rolling around with that for the day until they had given me the call saying it was ready. I didn't want to rush them so I let them take their time. I had called them the same day and they told me to come ASAP. I couldn't be happier!
Andy G.
- via Yelp

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Fan Love

I had previously read nothing but positive reviews about Crimson Wheel Repair, hence why I chose them when having my rims powder coated. John and his team did an excellent job powder coating my rims gloss black on my 2014 VW. The turn-around time was unbelievably quick and the the price was fair and just. I was most impressed by their customer service and skillset. Thanks, John!
Mackenze A.
Mackenze A.
Came in to get my after market (Enkei) wheel repaired after hitting a good ol Jersey pothole. My wheel had some major damage to its structure. Every time I drove, it was like driving on a cobblestone road! Crimson Wheel Repair fixed my egg shaped wheel and miraculously returned it back into its circle form...
I came to know Crimson thru Google with 5 star rating. Called owner john. Drove to the place on Monday morning. He examined and showed me the problems and fixed all 4 wheels in hour and 45 minutes while I was waiting in the waiting room. What a service and excellent job! Price was very reasonable too! My car now rides like new! I highly recommend Crimson...
Nick M.
Nick M.

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